Invite Jerry McVety to speak at your next meeting. He has been a keynote speaker and presenter for major food service and hospitality companies and organizations for 20 years. Topics range from industry trends, operations, marketing, employee performance, selling, and much more. One of his most popular topics is FOOD IS...FASHION & FUN! Or you may have a topic that you would like Jerry to focus on at your meeting—either way, you will not be disappointed.
You do not have to raise menu prices to be more profitable, even with ingredients costs rising. Instead contact us to perform a Menu Profit Analysis which will be your guide to what menu items are the most profitable and which items need to be replaced. We can also improve the actual layout of your menu to drive customers to your most profitable menu items. In the end, it is not the food cost percentage that generates profits for you, it is each menu item's margin contribution. Menu Profit Analysis works for All food service operations—click here to get started!