McVety gives back to his Alma Mater—(article printed in 1998)

MSU has long been touted as a "global" institution. In practical terms, that can yield longterm benefits, as exemplified by the Asian expansion recently achieved by Jerry McVety, '67, chairperson of McVety & Associates, the international consulting division of HDS Services, Farmington Hills. Two decades after graduating MSU's The School of Hospitality Business, McVety has carved a global empire through his MSU contacts--beginning with classmate Jerry Fournier, '68, HDS executive vice president. Through MSU contacts, Jerry was able to ink a five-year contract with Nikkoku Trust, a $2 billion foodservice company in Japan. And through an MSU alumnus in Hong Kong, he was able to forge a working alliance with Cafe de Coral, one of Hong Kong's largest foodservice operators. Similar connections helped him expand into India, Switzerland, Holland and Taiwan. "It's who you know that can get your foot in the door," says Jerry. "But it is what you know that ultimately wins the business." On both counts, Jerry credits MSU for his success. "MSU has done so much for me in terms of my education and in providing the network that I needed to be successful," he explains. "The network includes not only contacts you make during your academic preparation, but also via the alumni network after you graduate. It's a privilege, after all MSU has done, for me to give back." Jerry has spent countless hours mentoring MSU students, helping MSU graduates, and helping organize alumni activities. Last year he served as chairperson of MSU's national alumni board, which represents some 350,000 Spartans worldwide, and currently serves on the board of directors of the Eli Broad College of Business Alumni Association. With Jerry, the breadth and variety of his service to MSU compares to, using the language of his new partners, dim sum.