McVety & Associates, LLC. was founded in 1985. Located in a suburb of Detroit Michigan, we provide consulting services and have extensive background in many aspects of the food service, retail and club industries. We specialize in menu design, employee recruiting, operations assessments, and more. A highly experienced staff and extensive resources bring a client the organization insight and expertise not normally found in other hospitality industry-related consulting companies. 

With client input, McVety & Associates, LLC. will custom tailor an analysis of the current operation to address any concerns, as well as develop a program for anticipated growth and improvement. All this to be completed in conjunction with the on-site staff in a way that will complement their efforts while introducing the change or modification. 

Our services, therefore, often become training tools to capitalize on existing opportunities that result in long-term implementation because the client's own staff is involved. McVety & Associates, LLC.—a solution and business-driven approach to consulting. 



McVety & Associates, LLC. applies specific expertise to a client's particular situation, starting with a capable, experienced staff. Ongoing maintenance support is provided by other selected professionals. This "lead team" regularly reviews every aspect of the project and explores better ways to enhance and expand results...with a commitment to continuous quality improvement and maximized cost efficiency. 


Quality, in any business, eclipses all other considerations. It's why every McVety & Associates consulting engagement is driven by uncompromised quality. We strive for "showplace" quality in every detail. We never forget that McVety & Associates' reputation is on the line with every customer served. 

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